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Hair Fibres

Care and Materials - Hair Fibres

When choosing a wig, think about the hair type and also the cap construction.

Quick Tips

Human Hair

Synthetic Hair

Offers the most natural look and feel.Clients who get hot will find a Human Hair cooler to wear than a Synthetic wig because it is a natural fibre.Also we can design either more or less hair, what ever is your Wish.

Special care must be taken to avoid tangling at nape on longer styles.

Easily improved and remove frizzing 90% with our steaming styling for synthetic wigs.

Presents the most styling options

Requires little styling

Can require more styling after shampooing but very much like your own hair. High quality products are highly recommended

HIGH quality synthetic hair offers a look and feel quite similar to human hair. No one will usually know. Its our secret.

More expensive than synthetic

More affordable than human hair

More durable – can last over a year with proper care

Less durable than human hair – 6-12 months with proper care and products

Premium + Luxury Remy Human Hair is the highest quality human hair available.Virgin hair available. 2 to 3 months prep time.

Curl and movements stays after shampooing

Hair cuticle is kept in same direction avoiding tangling. Cheap Human hair wigs are usualy not "Remy" Hair.


 Very easy for the person with little mobility in their hands.

More careful processing techniques result in higher quality products and contribute to higher price

 Travels very well, just shake and wear.

The most durable hair available