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How to care for your wig

Care and Materials – How to care for your new hair


  • Extra Lines Shampoo is specially formulated to be used on synthetic fibre wigs, and is an enriched luxurious shampoo that helps create the perfect look and feel while providing weightless moisture and shine.

  • Extra Lines Conditioner is a spray-in conditioner and detangler which can be left in or rinsed out. It is especially formulated to be used on Synthetic fibre.

  • Extra Lines Conditioner can be used daily without build up. The nourishing formula helps detangle hair, while providing shine and weightless beauty. Great on long wigs underneath near nape were tangles and frizz can appear. 

  • We also offer a steaming services were we shampoo and steam your synthetic wig to remove most of any frizz or just to bring it back to a nice shiny looking style again.
  • We also cut,colour and treat Human Hair wigs .
  • Wig Stand is perfect for drying, storage and travel and keeps your wig fresh and ready to wear any time.. Made of strong, lightweight plastic. It comes apart which makes it great for travel. Allows circulation for quick drying and stops stretching of your wig base.

  • Wig Cap made of washable, stretch nylon. This light and cool wig cap lets one feel confident and secure. The cap can also help prevent wig slippage and helps keep your hair tucked up and away. One size fits all.

  • Wig Brush made of stainless steel, ball tipped bristles are designed to comb through synthetic wig fibre without damage. Will not stretch or pull the fibre like regular hair brushes or combs.

  • DO NOT use any heat on synthetic wigs. Some have very low heat desire, but we will advice which ones are suitable. 

  • Human Hair wigs need rich shampoo and conditioners to replace moisture which is not replaced naturally.
  • Human Hair wigs respond greatly from treatments and leave-in condtioners just like your own hair
  • Extremely talented stylists and a gorgeous assortment of designer wigs,top enhancers,toupes and extensions you'll be able to choose from the best synthetic human hair and lace front wigs.
  • Expert customization,shampooing,restoration and servicing.
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