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Human Hair Wigs.

Human Hair: Our Human hair wigs are 100% Luxury Remy Human hair, offering a lace front with monofilament top and a fully handtied back with anti-slip tabs at ear and nape area for greater confidence.

Our Natural Scalp Wig Collection offers wigs with lace silk front, monofilament cap construction and realistic scalp appearance for a very natural look.

Fashionable,stylish and up-to-date wigs and toupes with the finest workmanship. Styles are designed by a team of experts, taking into consideration the latest hair fashions and colour techniques.

Available in Luxury Remy Human Hair which means it has not been coloured down from Black hair allowing for a more soft and beautifull shine and smooth to touch because the cuticle is still in it's natural condition. We also can source hair which has never been coloured at all. This request can take a up to 2 months, if we do not have your colour choice in stock.

These high quality, beautifully crafted and lightweight wigs are simply a pleasure to wear with  great styles to choose from, you can change your hair as often as you like.

We can cut and style your new piece into your dream fashion look. 

Your new piece is cut by a fully qualified hairdresser just for you in a private room. 

There are generally four types of human hair used to make wigs: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and European/Causasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair is thicker and very straight which makes it harder to curl. Indonesian and Indian hair is found in greater supply and is easier to curl and style. European and Causasian hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to it's increasingly limited supply, it is more expensive.

The origin of the hair is not the only factor that results in a great wig. The processing technique, the original colour and the method used to lighten the hair all relates to the quality of the end product. Causasian hair is lighter and so does not need to have harsh chemicals used,keeping the hair stronger and silkier.

Virgin hair is the most luxurious because it has not been coloured. It is by far the most superior choice of Human hair, if quality is the only consideraion. Love to hear from you.

Please ring us on 08 82240088 for more information.