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Going through the stage of losing your hair often feels as if you're losing your confidence at the same time.

At Hairific, we offer human and synthetic wigs, toppers, hairpieces, fringes and toupees to help you feel more like yourself again. It's a small change that can have a big impact on your wellbeing. 

Our West End salon offers 2 private fitting rooms, which provide a safe and relaxed environment for finding the best wig just for you. We're dedicated to helping you find a wig that you're entirely happy with, and that will put a pep in your step when you leave the salon!

Hairific has worked with many South Australian Hospitals for just over 27 years, and our Senior Stylist Christine has been volunteering with the Look Good, Feel Better Foundation for 25 years (the only person in SA!), a huge achievement for herself and the Salon. 

Book an initial consultation to see how Hairific can assist you in finding the perfect custom human hair or synthetic hair wig, and get back to feeling like yourself.

Call to discuss or book online an initial consultation today. If you're in the area, feel free to pop in and have a chat with us, we'd love to see you!


We have many more styles and colours in our salon, and this is only a small selection of our range.

We stock small, medium, and some large wigs for ladies, but we can always design one just for you!


human hair wigs

Our human hair wigs are 100% luxury Remy human hair, offering a lace front with monofilament top and a fully handtied back, with anti-slip tabs at ear and nape area for greater confidence.

Our Natural Scalp Wig Collection offers wigs with lace silk front, monofilament cap construction and realistic scalp appearance for a very natural look.

We offer fashionable, stylish and up-to-date wigs and toupès with the finest workmanship. The styles are designed by our team of hairstylists, taking into consideration the latest hair fashions, colour techniques, and your face shape and lifestyle.

Luxury Remy human hair has not been coloured down from black hair, allowing for a more soft and beautiful shine. The hair is smooth to touch because the cuticle is still in its natural condition. We can also source hair which has never been coloured at all. This request can take a up to 3 months, if we do not have your colour choice in stock.


These high quality, beautifully crafted and lightweight wigs are simply a pleasure to wear with great styles to choose from, you can change your hair as often as you like. We can cut and style your new piece into your dream fashion look. Your new piece is cut by a fully qualified hairdresser just for you in a private room. 

There are generally four types of human hair used to make wigs: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and European/Caucasian. The majority of wigs are made from Asian hair. Chinese hair is thicker and very straight which makes it harder to curl. Indonesian and Indian hair is found in greater supply and is easier to curl and style. European and Caucasian hair is the most sought after for its fine denier but due to it's increasingly limited supply, it is more expensive.

The origin of the hair is not the only factor that results in a great wig. The processing technique, the original colour and the method used to lighten the hair all relates to the quality of the end product. Caucasian hair is lighter and so does not need to have harsh chemicals used, keeping the hair stronger and silkier.

Virgin hair is the most luxurious because it has not been coloured. It is by far the most superior choice of human hair, if quality is the only consideration. 

We would be delighted to assist you with your wig selection.


Give our dedicated team a call for more information on (08) 8231 1142 or email us at info@hairificwigs.com.au


We have many more styles and colours in our salon, and this is only a small selection of our range.

We stock small, medium, and some large wigs for ladies, but we can always design one just for you!


SYNTHETIC hair wigs

Synthetic Wigs come in Machine made and Hand tied Medical wig bases. The Medical wig base is the best base on the world stage at this moment as they are the most natural looking.


As they are synthetic, we do not recommend heat. Even though some synthetic fibre is meant to be heat resistant, tools like straighteners can destroy your wig very quickly.  They are very easy to shampoo and care for which will all be explained in your consultation.


In our consultations, our first priority when fitting a wig is the head size. If your wig is too big it will not sit right and pucker in the crown area and if it is too small you will be constantly pulling it down to fit. You will not enjoy your wig or have confidence when wearing it.


Gluing wigs on will of course slow or stop your natural hair growth so it is not recommended for Ladies and Gentlemen going through Chemotherapy or many other health issues.


We have two private luxury rooms in our NEW salon in the West End of Hindley Street – so we can accommodate for any private consultations such as fitting wigs, hair appointments, turban fittings or religious nationalities.


It is always best to make an appointment so that we can book out one of our private rooms for you. Please ring the salon on (08) 82311142 or email us at info@hairificwigs.com.au if you have any enquiries regarding our Synthetic or Human Hair range.

caring for your wig

Extra Lines Shampoo is specially formulated to be used on synthetic fibre wigs, and is an enriched luxurious shampoo that helps create the perfect look and feel while providing weightless moisture and shine. Extra Lines Conditioner is a spray-in conditioner and detangler which can be left in or rinsed out. It is carefully formulated to be used on Synthetic fibre. Extra Lines Conditioner can be used daily without build up. The nourishing formula helps detangle hair, while providing shine and weightless beauty. Great on long wigs underneath the nape where tangles and frizz can appear.

We also offer steaming services where we shampoo and steam your synthetic wig to remove frizz or just to bring it back to a nice shiny looking style again. We also cut, colour and treat Human Hair wigs.

Do not use any heat on synthetic wigs. Some have very low heat desire, but we will advise which ones are suitable. 

Human Hair wigs need rich shampoo and conditioners to replace moisture which is not replaced naturally. Human Hair wigs respond greatly from treatments and leave-in conditioners just like your own hair. 

Whether you're interested in purchasing a wig or you need expert help with one you already have. Hairific can help with it all!


hair donations

First of all, we would just like to say a massive thank you for donating your hair. What an amazing way to help someone out. For us to be able to take your donation and send it off to our wig company for them to make it into a wig. These requirements are to be followed:

  • Your donation needs to be at least 30 cm.

  • It needs to be washed (Shampooed and Conditioned and let it either fully air dry or blow dry it).

  • Depending how short you want to cut your hair. Place the hair into ponytails around the head for a shave or in a couple of low ponytails for more of a longer cut. Please plait the ponytails to make sure all the hair stays together and secure it at the end with a hair tie.

  • The hair does need to be in excellent condition, if you do have damaged hair at the ends such as split ends. You may want to think of having a trim on the ends first.

  • It does not matter if it has been coloured before.

  • Once you have cut off your donation and are ready to send it to us or bring it in to us. Could you please write a little bit of information about the hair. As one lot of donation does not make one wig. We need to match it up with other donations. For an example: My hair is Curly and frizzy or straight and smooth or has a soft movement.

  • We would love to send you a certificate, to say thank you so much for your donation. If you send the donation into us make sure your name and your email address is in the envelope.

If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to give us a call on 08 8231 1142 or email us at info@hairificwigs.com.au  and one of our girls will be more than happy to answer your questions.


What financial assistance is available when buying a wig?

Ring Cancer Council in your state of Australia to identify what support might be available. Clients with pension or health cards can talk to your social worker at the hospital you are receiving treatment at to determine your eligibility for financial help.

If you have private health cover, you could ring your health provider you currently have health cover under and ask if you are covered for a wig (prosthesis).

What facilities do you offer?

Our experienced, talented and friendly Hair Stylists provide advice to our hair loss clients in a private fitting room. An appointment is recommended for this private room. 

Do you sell turbans and hats?

We have a great selections of turbans and hats to help you feel modern and fashionable when not wearing your wig. We also stock fringes which are a great addition to wear in very hot weather under your turban or hat for a different look.

Do you offer home visits if people are unable to come in?

Home and hospital visits are both available if you are not able to come to us.

Please ring the salon on (08) 8231 1142 for more information.


Can you post products/vouchers anywhere in Australia?

Yes, we are able to post products and vouchers anywhere in Australia. There is a fee when you have a product or voucher posted, which will be discussed over the phone or via email with one of our friendly staff.

We are here to help in any way so please do not hesitate to ring or email.